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Meadowklark Custom Computer Builds

Meadowlark offers a custom computer build service. We are able to make a design a computer that will fit your exact needs. NO more going to the store and buying a brand name computer that is overkill for what you need. Or spending 2X the amount on a brand name gaming computer!

We can build you computer to match the needs you have. Be it gaming, school work, office work. You Name it! and we even offer a free


you just cant beat it. With Meadowlark’s custom computer builds get the computer you need, for the price to fit your budget! Best yet in the future if your needs change you can upgrade that computer!

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We build your computer

We understand how stressfull it can be to find the right computer. We can fix that!Custom computer builds take all the stress and anger out of buying a new computer! With our custom build services, you can get the computer you want without all the extra stuff you dont need! NO more buying a brand name computer, paying through the nose, for features you simply dont need

Free Delivery

WE COME TO YOU! We bring your new custom built computer to you! No need to goto the store! With you purpose build custom computer we will bring it to you at no cost!

Trained Technicians

All our custom computer build technicians are trained in computer builds! That means we check each componenet for compatability! When we build gaming computers we make sure every part will work together and not hinder another! We know what works and what doesnt!

Lifetime Warranty

We are so confident in our technicians abilities and our parts quality that we offer a limited lifetime warranty on all parts and workmanship! Taking that extra step to ensure that you have the best custom computer build experience possible!

Custom Computer Builds

We make it as simple as possible to get a custom build computer!


We talk to YOU the customer to find out what you needs are! What you will be using the computer for and what you requirements are. If you need WIFI, Bluetooth, etc. From there we start to get the quote ready. Within a few hours you should have your custom computer quote! With our recommened parts!


Once you get the quote YOU the customer can choose if you think you need a faster processor, more ram, more stoage space ETC. Once we reach a agreement and the quote is approved the fun begins!

The Build

The fun begins here, we order all your parts and materials and start the build. Typical builds take around one week to complete. We get all your parts in and our trained technicians start your computer build. Making sure to use static protection. We take extra care to make sure all wires and connectors are clean and look great!

Free Delivery

Once your custom computer is built we will set up the time and day for delivery! No need to leave your house to get your new computer. We bring it to your door step and in some cases can even help to set it up in your home!

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