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We repair your phone

We understand the last thing you want is a broken phone. Unfortunately it happens! Our Mission is to make sure that your repair is simple and hassle free. With our mobile phone repair solution you can get your device repaired while you work, while shopping for grocery's, working-out or just have some down time!

Mobile Repair

WE COME TO YOU! Bring out your device and we repair it in our Mobile Repair Vehicle while you continue with whats important. In under an hour your device will be back up and running in your hands! No driving to a repair shop, waiting in long lines, and having to come back to pick it up!

Trained Technicians

All of our technicians are trained in the most up to date methods. While they are trained to get the repair done quickly, quality is their top concern. Each device undergoes a 25 point inspection before and after the repair. Meadowlark only uses top quality parts which allows Meadowlark to guarantee you will receive your device in excellent condition and running great!

Lifetime Warranty

We are so confident in our technicians abilities and our parts quality that we offer a limited lifetime warranty on all parts and workmanship! Taking that extra step to ensure that you have the best repair experience after a tragic device accident.

Contactless Phone Repair

We make it as simple and safe as possible to get your device back up and running during this troubling time!


Upon Pickup of your device which you now have the option to settup as a contactless pickup, we will retrive your device from the set location. We will preform our 25 point inspection where we will check every part of your phone. After the inspection we will give you a quote if the price has changed or there are any concerns via a safe method such as through a door or window. At that point you can electronicaly sign any documents needed without any person to person contact.


We take your device out to the Mobile Repair Vehicle and get to work! Our workers will be wearing medical grade gloves, and a mask if requested. We get your device repaired in under an hour and returned to you cleaned and sanitized. Using top quality parts and trained technicians is our key to success.


Once your device is repaired it is time we return your device to you and present our 25 point inspection to make sure everything is working as it should in front of you or thorough a door or window. We grab a quick second signature electronicaly and collect the funds electronicaly or via customer requested drop area and we are on our way. All under an hour! While still keeping the face to face customer interaction to a minimum as to eliminate the spread of the virus.


Once we leave it is just you and your newly repaired and sanitized device. In the unfortunate event that you are not satisfied simply make a warranty appointment. You will be pushed to the front of the list, your concerns will be addressed in no time!


Customize Your Phone To Fit You

Meadowlark Offers Many Different Phone Customization Options To Personalize Your Phone To You!

Phone Wrap

We offer phone wraps for all the common phone makes and models! We even offer professional installation!

Customize your phone with a phone wrap and set yourself out of the crowd!

Phone Wraps
All Common Makes And Models!

Custom Back

We Off Custom Back/ Back Glass Designs. From Custom Designs to Full Clear Back Glass!

Your Design custom laser engraved onto the back of your phone! Or Go Full Clear Back!

Custom Back Engraving!
Custom Design OR Clear Back!

Color Change

We offer a service to change the back glass color of your phone. We can do almost any color, for all glass back model phones!

Sick of your boring old facotry colored phone? We can change that!

Custom Back Glass Phone Colors
Stand Out From The Crowd!

Want To Stand Out From The Crowd
Contacts Us Today!

Make your phone different from the rest with out phone customization options. From custom Back Glass colors, to full phone wraps or custom engravings. We can make you stand out from the crowd!

Meadowlark Phone Customization Services

Customize your phone just the way you want it! Be different and stand out

We offer many options to make your phone one of a kind, and your own! From wraps, to engravings, to color changes!

Make your dream a reality contact us now!

Phone Repair

We Are Here For You

We have trained technicians for all your needs!

Glass And LCD

Our team of trained phone repair technicians can fix LCD or glass screen damage.

No matter the damage or condition we can fix it!

  • Cracked Screen
  • Damaged Display
  • Touch Issues
  • And More

Back Glass

Our team of trained technicians have the newest and safest technology to fix your back glass!

No matter what happened we can fix it.

  • Cracked Back Glass
  • Cracked Camera Lens
  • Color Change
  • Custom Designs
  • And More

Port, Button, Speaker, Mic

We have trained technicians that can fix any port, button, or speaker on your phone

Cant charge the phone? Cant turn the phone on? Speakers sound quite or bad? We have your back!

  • Charging port
  • Audio Jack
  • Power Button
  • Mute Switch
  • Volume Buttons
  • Front Ear Speaker
  • Bottom Loud Speaker
  • Microphone


Meadowlark is equiped and trained to fix ALL mobile phone issues or parts.

  • Phone Outer Casing
  • Battery
  • Cameras
  • Tempered Glass And Liquid Glass
  • Water Damage
  • And More!
Quick, professional, and does quality work -Zack
The service was on-time, fast, friendly and professional... - Bert
tremendous amounts of things to fix my phone and he has never gave up and fixed it!... -Caleb
...They had the screen the next day come to my work and replaced it in a half hour... - Sean
very happy with the job he did. very nice young man. will call again -John

— Meadowlark Technology Solutions, LLC —

Estimated Times

Our average repair times

We pride ourselves on our fast, quality repairs. Our goal is to get your device back up in running in no time while still maintaining the utmost attention to detail.

Our Fast, Professional screen repair services are one of the simplest repairs we offer. With most taking under 30 miuntes and it being done from your home or work. It really couldnt be easier. Topped off with our limited lifetime warrenty and COME TO YOU service. Its hard to not see the value.

Our back glass repairs use the most up to date technology to not only keep the time it takes for repair low, But also keep your device safe. Without the use of extream heat we are able to repair your back glass without removing all the parts out of your phone! This results in a average of 45 Minutes to repair your back glass. That means less time you have to spend without your phone.

We are able to get most ports, buttons, speaker, or microphone repairs done within a 45 minute period. This means you minimal time you have to be without your phone! This is possible because of our trained and proffessional technicans and High quality parts.

On of the most common problems that we see in phones are the battery. Phones start to run slower, Dont hold a charge, Wont charge, Or randomly shut off. We are able to put high quality batterys with Extended compacity over factory batterys in your phone within 15 minutes for most phones. With out warrenty on batterys and battery satisfaction Promise we are sure we can take care of your battery issue quick!

In general we are able to get almost all of our COME TO YOU phone repairs done within 1 hour. From case swaps, to camera replacments and most other services. We understand phones are a big part of our customers lives and because of this strive to have all phone repair services done in under one hour.

Screen Repair
30 Minutes
Back Glass Repair
45 Minutes
Ports Repair
45 Minutes
Battery Repair
15 Minutes
Other Repairs
1 Hour

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